5 Characteristics of an AMAZING Logo Design!

May 27, 2021

Here Are 5 Powerful Tips For Effective Logo Design


These five qualities make a logo instantly identifiable, and ensure that when consumers look at it, they’ll connect with your brand.

Here are the 5 essentials that I always look at while creating logos as a Graphic Branding Designer.

I think these tips could help you build your own logo or understand what needs to be altered to ensure a strong brand identity. 

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1. Simplicity

Simple logos focus on highlighting the most important parts of a brand’s personality.

Think about how your logo will be memorable. I find that the most minimalistic logos that are defined by a striking colour or associated with brand values, do the best. Shape is also important such as the NIKE tick logo. So simple yet so effective. 

Another great example is the FedEx logo. It is not the most simple however it keeps the simplistic values of a great logo; Bold, Direct & Colourful.

Simplicity is a key ingredient for logos because most consumers only focus on a logo for a short time.



– Use Negative Space to your advantage

– Focus on fewer elements

– Use symbolism to make your brand logo more memorable.


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2. Make It Relevant

Quality logos are relevant to the markets their companies target. Make sure you know what type of branding works for your target market and then alter that to adhere to your own brand. 

Highlight what makes you different from your competitors.

Is it colour, font or shape?
Don’t forget than different colours can trigger different emotions and show your brand’s personality to consumers.

Your first impression is crucial!

Eg: Make sure you are not mistaken for Beauty Brand when you are a Tech company. 



– Research competitor logos and see their weaknesses

– Make your foundation strong. Define your values beforehand and then merge them together while designing your logo.

– One way I create great logos is by adding colours at the very end. I focus on the message of the wordmark or symbol first. 

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3. Versatility

Make sure your design is scalable. Make sure it is visible from afar, such as on a shop sign but also just as legible up close. 

It is. a major design flaw if you cannot see your logo clearly or warp it involuntarily. Make sure everything is uniform across anything you plan to print or display your logo. 

keeping the clutter to a minimum and opting for a simple design will instantly make your logo more versatile. Having too many lines, flourishes, elements, or colours can create a complicated design that will scale poorly.




– Make sure you export your logo in a Vector format such as an SVG.  Traditional photo images may pixelate when you resize them, but vector files are built to be scaled

– Focus on saying more with less !!

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4. Make it Timeless

The best logos stand out from the pack because they remain relevant and effective over the years. Do not design a logo based on trends!!! think about the future of your brand and how it can evolve whilst also keeping its core values.

A timeless logo example is the Mcdonalds golden arches, no matter how it evolves the logo stays true to it’s origins.

Truthfully a memorable logo should always strive to be unique. Even in industries where there are standards and common norms for designs, your logo should always aim to stand out as much as possible.


– Value Quality over Quantity

– Remove any unnecessary elements to clean up your design: take away anything too complex or distracting

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4. Recognition

A strong logo is always easy to remember. Make sure it memorable and it instantly becomes recognisable to people. Make sure your design triggers your audience to remember your brand values and key traits. 

Memorable logos combine many elements, but they find the right balance between the visual and textual aspects.

More importantly, they clearly and cohesively communicate your brand’s personality and tone. 


– Get feedback before you launch: make sure get peoples reactions to your design.

– Think about creating something that someone could remember or recognise while passing by it in a car. 

– Be open to understanding which elements work and which don’t. Remove the elements that have no real meaning.

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