5 Ways To Keep Busy in Lockdown!!

February 11, 2021

It’s February 2021 and I am still in LDN #Lockdown. I have been thinking a lot these past few weeks …. and when I say that I feel as though I am borderline Overthinking!! This is what confinement does to people. With this in mind I realised that having a good outlet or distraction to keep busy is essential to staying mentally healthy.

It’s #2021, and with restrictions all around, I believe it’s the best time to share these key ideas. I have come up with a few good distractions that actually help with those moments in the day when you feel your lowest or just are bored out of your mind. Hopefully I can spark some positive energy into your day today and give you something to plan for yourself. Us humans are a creative bunch, we come up with some fun and silly things to do when we are out of our minds! But let’s try and keep all the energy lighthearted and motivate some interests to get us feeling better from the inside out. Caring about your #mentalhealth is key to making the best out of lockdown, here are some ways to boost your well-being:  

tiny pancakes

1. Cooking 

My number one easiest way to keep myself busy is indulging in some wonderful cooking. I was not much of a good chef before lockdown, but now I find myself always searching for new recipes to follow and new cusines to exlpore. 

I had a hard time searching for great places to follow recipes from and so I have been looking far and wide and think that I found the main few websites and apps to make life easy. 

I also found a “make it yourself” delivery service where you make meals based on the ingredients they provide for you!! they give you graphic recipe cards that help you make the meal. It doesn’t get easier than that. 


Here are the Apps that can get you started:

Tasty – Easy Recipes 

FoodNetwork Kitchen – Recipes

HelloFresh – Meal Plan Delivery & Recipe Card App

2. Making Art/ Staying Creative


Having an outlet is so important when being stuck at home everyday. Keeping your mental health in check by doing something liberating is the best way to get your endorphins flowing.  

I would suggest singing, designing, sketching, dancing, make or copy a Tiktok if you have to, just loosen your body up and get in the habit of getting all your pent up frustrations out. I personally use art as my outlet as I channel all my energy into creating unique pieces of art.  I also highly recommend redecorating your home/room. I redesigned my bedroom into an art studio and it has made me feel so happy and I think it even added value to the property I live in!! Which is just a bonus if you ask me. There are so many ways to be creative! find your inner child and merge that with the intelligent person you are to come up with fun ways to smile each day.


Here are the Apps that can get you started:

 TikTok – Social Video Platform

Procreate – Draw/Sketch

Brainsparker Creativity Cards 

Steezy – Learn How Dance

3. Sell Your Stuff!!


Okay so if being creative isn’t really your thing then I would 100% distract yourself by selling the things that you no longer need. Everybody has clutter around the house and probably lots of boxes of old things hidden away in storage. Why not sort through them and make some pocket money while you are at it.

Honestly trust me! the feeling of selling your possessions really lifts a weight off of your shoulders. I get such a fulfilling feeling and I couldn’t recommend this more!! all you need to do is take some good pictures by making a creative backdrop to show off your items and list them on various Apps! So easy and great way to keep busy.  

Here are the Apps that can get you started:

Depop – Sell/ Buy Clothes  

Shpock – Sell Anything

Vinted – Buy/ Sell your Wardrobe

Ebay – Sell Anything you have

4. Learn Something New Today!


This might sound a little boring but trust me on this, learning a new skill or attending an online Masterclass can really motivate you on achieving goals you never thought of pursuing. 

Doing something new can be anything from learning a new language to completing and online short course. I mean, why not? There is so much time in the day, spending an hour a day doing something to broaden your skillset can only benefit you in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to do something hard… do something that makes you happy, something you are curious about. The internet is full of information so I strongly suggest to use it! 


Here are the Apps that can get you started:

Masterclass – Learn from Celebrities

Duolingo – Learn a New Language

Invstr – Learn the ABCs of Investing

5. Get Some Fresh Air

Push yourself to go outside at least once a day for some fresh air. Being in lockdown has by far messed up by social life but it has also made me increasingly lazy about leaving the house. I found myself only ever leaving to get groceries… I mean putting a cute outfit together to go to the supermarket was the highlight of my week… what has life come to? Haha. 

Going outside for a short walk or using that time to meditate or exercise is essential to bring out the positivity in you. It also takes away any somber thoughts you may have while being confined to your home. 


Here are the Apps that can get you started:

Nike Training Club – fitness App

Calm – Meditation/Breathing App

Glo – Yoga sessions App

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