S/S “20/21 Artwork: ADAPT COLLECTION

This collection is deeply rooted in how I feel about the current pandemic and its effect on peoples health. I have communicated my feelings into creating abstract shapes that represent molecules with visions of nature, paradise and other beautiful worldly scenes.


Kizendeh ™ 2020-21 work, this collection began in lockdown and is deeply inspired by the natural forms of cells, organisms and the shapes of nature. The symbolism of a bird always defines freedom, hope and prosperity for me in my work. Every brush stroke and every stitch encloses a positive and deep energy that I wish all of you can experience when you see my work up close .


The reason being is that I am highlighting a common truth, that we (as humans) tend to only miss what we could have had once it feels out of reach. I want my art to encourage people to live their best life. To be courageous, free & happy! 

I have a very personal connection to this collection, as both my parents have had serious health issues that were diagnosed before Covid and are unrelated to Covid-19. I believe that it is now time to share with you my artwork that embodies the hope I have for our planet 🌎

This series expresses the beauty within each cell or abstract form. Biologically we are made up of cells that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. My adaptation of these shapes Are not a direct depiction of what we are. In my perspective they express a visualisation of how the human body has the ability to heal from within. The cells define the living and breathing beauty we have and the stitchings found in and around them define the strength of positive embodiment.

The power of the mind is something I truly believe in and I would love my artwork to be that glistening light of self healing that we all dearly need during these uncertain times 

I hope you get to see them face-to-face one day!

S/S “19 Artwork

The purpose of this collection stemmed from my appreciation for nature whilst also highlighting the effects of climate change.

I have created work that romanticises the future of natures beauty and how is may be represented in a dream-like state. Expressing how we should appreciate and maintain our wonderful planet before it is too late. 

This collection was displayed in the Carrousel de Louvre, Paris 2019. It received a great reception due to the merging use of both physical & digital art techniques to express the pressing message about the degrading environment.