S/S “20 Artwork

This collection is deeply rooted in how I feel about the current pandemic and its effect on peoples health. I have communicated my feelings into creating abstract shapes that represent molecules with visions of nature, paradise and other beautiful worldly scenes.


The reason being is that I am highlighting a common truth, that we (as humans) tend to only miss what we could have had once it feels out of reach. I want my art to encourage people to live their best life. To be courageous, free & happy! 

I have a very personal connection to this collection, as both my parents have had serious health issues that were diagnosed before Covid and are unrelated to Covid-19. The lack of health care towards those that have cancer, diabetes etc. is really astonishing. My art has been a great release as it has provided a sense of hope…the beauty of the art pieces really shine through. I hope you all get to see them face-to-face one day!

S/S “19 Artwork

The purpose of this collection stemmed from my appreciation for nature whilst also highlighting the effects of climate change. 

I have created work that romanticises the future of natures beauty and how is may be represented in a dream-like state. Expressing how we should appreciate and maintain our wonderful planet before it is too late.