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How to Find Your Brand Niche!

March 3, 2021

How to easily find your brand niche by following a simple exercise that will get you started! 

Everyone always talks about defining a niche to target but no one really tells you how to identify one… so here I am today to show an effective way of highlighting your audience.   

When thinking about your brand, whether you are an individual or a company, it is important to identify a target audience. These people will become your core following throughout your journey! keeping them interested and building a relationship with a small group of individuals can make all the difference for your brand future. 

The 3 main aspects of your chosen niche should, in my opinion, always touch upon these terms: Passion, Intellect & Profit. 

The truth is, it’s hard to identify your niche, people tell you to simply get a niche and market towards them. The 3 terms above will help you narrow down your decision as you will need to find a niche that you are constantly passionate towards, that you have knowledge on & of course a niche that can grow a profitable business for you.  

Essentially, when you are looking for a niche, you are looking for a gap in the market. You are looking for a group of people that are facing a problem that only YOU have a solution for!!

Here is an effective and easy way to identify your niche!


Let’s use a Venn Diagram! haha trust me it sounds like a flash back from geometry class days, but we will make it fun! So basically all I want you to do is draw two circles that overlap in the middle. You should end up with 3 sections. On the left write down your skills/knowledge, on the right write down your passion (your brand idea) and in the middle write down how the traits that merge both of the categories together, but that can also benefit certain people. 

The section in the middle will essentially identify your niches by giving you a space where you can find a blend of your abilities that contributes to your future profitability. It is now up to you to decide which topic you are happiest to pursue.

For example: If my Skill set is graphic design (left) & my passion is water colour art (right) then a good way of merging the two would be to sell graphic Illustrations (that is what I’d put in the middle). Knowing that my chosen field is now Illustrating, finding my niche audience becomes clearer, I am looking for individuals or companies that appreciate decorative artwork, people whom need illustrations to help write story books, people who need social media graphics such as highlight icons for instagram etc. The list goes on.

The more specific you are about who you are targeting, the more concentrated the niche becomes. This is a great way to build relationships with your core clientele in early stages. Make sure you choose with your heart and not just with money on your mind. Being true to your brand is far more important than you think, It will differentiate whether you will make a one time customer or a lifetime supporter.  

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