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Top 5 Loungewear Brands to Watch

April 8, 2021

Current favourite unique fashion loungewear brands I follow on social media for #2021 style!

I personally have so many brands that I love however a part from the main names of luxury designer fashion, I thought it would be great to see where I have been buying my interesting pieces from elsewhere.  Maybe you will find a new brand to look into. All the companies Ill be showcasing have gorgeous quality, a keen eye for style & have a lovely theme of elegance.   

I believe that I have the best #new brands for you,

No matter who you are or whatever your background when it comes to fashion. I am more than happy to show you my style and see if you can find some pieces that you’ll love. 

Also comment which one you love most below and if you think of any brands you love let me know their names too! 


I absolutely love this brand for their intricate detailing, their styling, quality and their colours.

The company is inclusive, on trend but also has a timeless feel about it which I admire. 

Even their use of branding has been tastefully applied without taking away from their gorgeously cut styles.


The Jaquard Sleep Pant is on my wishlist from their Jaquard collection. 



I recently came across this brand on social media and saw that they had a powerful. brand story that drew me in.

 Ever since I’ve been keeping an eye on their products and ended up seeing many of my friends buy into their aesthetic. 

They make oversized pieces that I enjoy, they do make for both men and women although the sweater I happen to like is being sold as a men’s piece. I don’t see the problem in getting it either way!


This is the sweater on my wishlist: 
dion lee instagram

3. Dion Lee


I also recently came across this brand on social media and saw that they had some insanely beautiful & majestic pictures on social media. Their garments show great craftsmanship!! 

I fell in love with a their entire aesthetic and am so excited to see they styles each season. They focus on modern elegance with also indulging buyers in unique cuts. I have to say that they have timeless pieces that would last a lifetime. 


This Lustrate Fork Top, is on my wishlist from their new collection. I would love to have this beauty one day.
dion lee top

4. Danielle Guizio


I have had my eye on this brand for a while now and I really do love their unique style. 

Beautiful for a night out or dressing up an outfit. The designs are simple, bold and elegant. 

Quality is gorgeous and they have some wonderful colours and new shapes for any occasion.

They take comfort & loungewear to a new level with interesting cuts. Keeping a feminine but comfortable aesthetic.

They have such beautiful pieces and they really do stand out.


This cut out cardigan is on my wishlist from their wonderful collection. I would love to get my hands on it soon!

5. Ruve Shop



Have a look at their website and find some beautifully unique garments to elevate your loungewear wardrobe. Their pieces are cosy, different and easy to match with other things.

They provide elegant & feminine “beautywear”  and spend time creating wonderful designs for every woman to feel comfortable in. 

These LOOM trousers and top are on my #wishlist . I would love to add these to my collection.

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