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Top 5 Makeup Products I Always Keep Handy

February 15, 2021

Nowadays people often talk about feeling great in your own skin,

Here are my ALL TIME FAVOURITE products that I have been living by for years! #best #makeup #product #essentials 

I always keep these 5 essentials on me when I’m out and about. I absolutely love each any every one and they all serve their purpose & MORE. I mean I use some of these products quite creatively and they work like a charm!! 

It might sound funny but I still put on my makeup as if I’m in a rush and I’ve been in lockdown for months now. Haha I suppose it’s because I am a city girl & old habits die hard! 

I believe that I have the best products for you,

The aim of this post is to share my secrets with you and share the products I believe really work. Just for reference I am of fair skin but all the products I mentioned are available in different shades. I am mainly highlighting the usefulness of the product based on colour matching, texture, consistency, comfort & of course if it is long lasting or not. 

1. Lipstick

The number one all time favourite of mine for a lipstick is: 

MAYBELLINE – Superstaymatte Ink Crayon Lipstick 


The texture of the lipcrayon is so smooth and velvety that it really does feel weightless which is a really important aspect for me. The thick pencil shape also makes application quick and precise. You can line and fill in your lips accurately. 

They are so easy to throw into any bag and they are long lasting, you don’t need to top up your lipstick so often with this product. Its an essential!

The shade I use most is shown in the picture. It is the perfect blend of a neutral tone with a warm touch. The shade is called “Enjoy The View”. I have to say that for a matte lip finish this product is so silky soft and comfortable to wear! It doesn’t dry out your lips.

Pro-Tip: I usually use this as a base layer and top my lips with a neutral or see-through gloss. 

2. Lip Gloss

This lip gloss/ oil is literally my favourite makeup product right now!!!

KIKO MILANO – Ray Of Love Nourishing Lip Oil 


This product is such a wonderful one because it has a lip gloss effect without all the horrible stickiness!! It’s also enriched with the softening properties of raspberry oil, which moisturises the lips leaving them soft, more elastic and silky smooth. 

I highly recommend this product as an all year round favourite as it nourishes your lips but also leaves you looking fabulous. You can wear it as a top coat or straight on your lips for a natural look. 

Pro-Tip: I have sometimes used this product to create the gorgeous wet eye look. Just apply some on your eye lids to complete your eye look. It works so beautifully since the gloss is not sticky.

3. Foundation

OHH MY WORD!! This is the most revolutionary foundation I have ever used! I can’t stress this enough!!! Best choice I ever made was to try this last year I haven’t changed since

MAYBELLINE – FitMe Matte Foundation


This product is outstanding.. I was not expecting such beautiful results with it as I knew it was only a high-street brand. But WOW, Im impressed! It is silky smooth and is weightless. When I say weightless I am talking so light you don’t even know it’s on. And the finish is Poreless. It leaves a beautiful hydrated velvet finish that I LOVE.   

I adore this cream as it is NOT sticky, NOT heavy, NOT greasy. It is full coverage and leaves the most natural finish I have ever seen with foundation. You need to try it to understand. They come in loads of shades and even have an easy quiz to help you pick your own. Worked like a charm, I even got my mum one and she was mind-blown at how great it looked on. 

Pro-Tip: I always top this foundation with a loose setting powder for an extra matte finish, if you like a velvety look I would leave as is. I sometimes even use to to cover up a blemish or a little bruise on my body, it’s so versatile! 

4. Highlighter/


Okay so this is a product that I was introduced to by my beautiful cousin. I have been using it for years now and I use it for so many things!! 

BARE MINERALS – Mineral Eyeshadow Powder 


This loose sheer powder is such a beautiful product to own as it is long lasting, elegant and can add something special to your makeup look without being over powering. I wear the shade “Bahamas” but there are so many lovely ones in this range. The texture of it and composition is what sells it for me. BareMinerals always impress me. 

I personally use this sheer loose shimmer on the inner corners of my eyes, my eyelids and to highlight my nose and cheekbones. This little pot is always in my pocket for any touch ups. The way this product hits the light and blends with your skin just makes you look like you have a natural glow. 

Pro-Tip: I have also used this product to highlight my collar bones when I am on the go and it always looks so stunning. I get many compliments on using it like this throughout the year. 

5. BB Cream 

Last but certainly not least, my most used item in my bag is this lightly tinted BB cream due to it’s hydrating properties!! (They come in different shades):

GARNIER – Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream


This cream is best suited for dry skin as it is super hydrating. Personally I have well-balanced skin and find the product beyond satisfactory. I use it through winter & summer and it never fails to impress. It also has SPF15 in it which is perfect as I always try to protect my face from the sun no matter the season 

I highly recommend this product as an all year round favourite! In winter it avoids your skin from flaking and cracking and in summer it hydrates and protects your skin from the sun. 

Pro-Tip: I use this product as a base for my makeup as I found that it makes the rest of my makeup stay on longer. I also love the refreshing feeling it gives to my skin on application. 

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