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When Kizendeh Began

March 12, 2021

Who is Kizendeh? My artistic beginnings. 

See my Sketches throughout the years below!

Since I have been trying to open up more online about who I am and where I am from. I thought It would be fitting to share my inner most thoughts on how I began my journey as an Artist. As odd as this may sound, I believe that my purpose was and still is, to be a Creative. 


(whom – is alive)


To be honest with you, I have been drawing since I can remember. I have always been interested in expressing myself through pen and paper, and so to find out more information about myself I asked my family of what they thought of my talents growing up or if I had any in their eyes! … To my surprise, I found out that my passion for drawing wings, flight & birds, grew from a very young age. I know personally that I always loved lions and tigers as my favourite animals throughout my youth, so why would I subconsciously draw birds? Did I wish I could fly? Who knows!

Even though I hadn’t a clue what I was doing, My passion for art and nature had already begun. I’d say I can remember my drawings from the innocent age of around 6 years old. I never used to think anything of them until now really. I wish I had some pictures of old work I did as a child but I do not not even know where to look for them If I had any saved. 

As time went on, around the age of 10, my family moved country to live in the French Riviera, this is essentially where my passion for artistic exploration grew. It was there that I really started to flourish as an artist and found myself doodling far too much throughout my classes at school. I ended up buying art supplies and began my journey of teaching myself different techniques. I grew as an artist throughout the next 5-7 years in this way. I developed myself as Kizendeh by understanding that my name, Kiana Zendehdel, has a much deeper meaning than intended when translated in various languages. Farsi & French have been my inspirations both literally and phonetically. The “ki” sounding like the French word ‘qui’ or who, and the term ‘zendeh’ in farsi that refers to being alive….

2012: Exploration of the Eye and it’s ability to convey messages. Inspired by the struggle of being heard as a woman or simple being seen as a child. 
2014: Exploration of theatrical masks and their ability to hide the truth. Inspired by masks created in a shop near the Palace in MC. 
2015: Exploration of different media to highlight the driven characteristics of a bird diving down towards the ground. Controlling it’s flight. 

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  1. Anela

    Lovely to learn abour your journey 🙂
    Really enjoyed reading the post! xx

  2. Anela

    Beautiful post on your jorney.
    Loved to read it! xx